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tech & science Articles
Imagine a world where printed smart objects are part of our everyday lives? This type of technological innovation is getting closer, according to Dr. Paul Smith of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. He discusses how with Digital Journal.

Albatrosses to spy out illegal fishing

Fishermen illegally trawling the Indian Ocean might soon find they have more to worry about than the proverbial albatross around their neck -- real bad luck might now lurk in the form of one of the birds spying on them from the sky.

Brazil recovers ancient human fossil fragments from burnt Rio museum

Brazilian officials said Friday they have recovered pieces of a 12,000-year-old fossil of a neolithic woman that was among the prized artifacts in Rio de Janeiro's burnt down National Museum.

BepiColombo Mercury Mission has successful liftoff

BepiColombo is a mission to Mercury conducted jointly by the European and Japanese space agencies, The successful launch took place from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana, at 01:45 GMT (03:45 CEST) on October 20 aboard an Ariane 5 rocket.

Accessing the tiny magnet within the core of a single atom

Scientists have achieved a major scientific breakthrough by detecting the nuclear magnetism, or "nuclear spin" of a single atom.

Top three chatbots revealed in new poll

A combination of rapid progress in natural language processing, AI, and the global presence of text messaging applications has led a myriad of chatbots being used by companies for different services. A new review highlights the leading ones.

A city in China may soon have a second moon in its evening sky

Officials in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, have unveiled a science-fiction-like plan to launch what’s known as an illumination satellite, or “artificial moon,” by 2020.

EU leaders vow tough action on cyber attacks

EU leaders on Thursday condemned the attempted hack on the global chemical weapons watchdog and vowed to step up the bloc's efforts to tackle cyber attacks.

Canada to host G7 conference on AI in Montreal December 6

Canada will host a G7 multistakeholder conference on artificial intelligence on December 6, as part of the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference, the government has announced.

Facebook launches 'war room' to combat manipulation

In Facebook's "War Room," a nondescript space adorned with American and Brazilian flags, a team of 20 people monitors computer screens for signs of suspicious activity.

Your cup of coffee is under threat from fungus and the climate

Coffee is the third most consumed beverage in the world, after water and tea, and is second only to oil as the globe's most traded commodity. However, a pestilent fungus and a changing climate are threatening to decimate coffee crops in Latin America.

Scientists spot six near-extinct vaquita porpoises

The near-extinct vaquita marina, the world's smallest porpoise, has not yet disappeared from its habitat off the coast of Mexico, a research team said Wednesday after spotting six of them.

Artificial neurons to study the genetic basis of mental illness

To design new drugs to tackle psychiatric disorders requires an understanding of the biological and genetic causes of certain types of mental illnesses. To assist with this task, research have grown brain neurons.

Understanding the Arctic's 'ice-ocean governor'

Long-term melting of sea ice in the Arctic may lead to the release of huge volumes of cold, fresh water into the North Atlantic, impacting on global climate.

Evidence of earliest life on Earth disputed

When Australian scientists presented evidence in 2016 of life on Earth 3.7 billon years ago -- pushing the record back 220 million years -- it was a big deal, influencing even the search for life on Mars.

Glitzy 'Science Oscars' to make stars of researchers

Nine scientists were recognized Wednesday with a "Breakthrough Prize," a $3 million Silicon Valley-funded award meant to confer Oscars-style glamour and prestige on the basic sciences.

Bitcoin could see a bull rally early next year analysts claim

At present, Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading basically sideways during the last 24 hours or so around the $6,500 level with a brief jog up to $6,590 and a low of $6,473.

Journal is new software designed to search your information

Journal is a machine-learning and natural language processing-powered platform that will enable you to make searches across all your web services and tools. It has been able to launch a beta community to test the platform.

Review: Aura scanner simplifies digital imaging Special

A new document scanner called Aura has been developed, by its inventors in Hong Kong, to help to speed up and to simplify a range of small office based scanning needs.

Rembrandt painting to be restored online for all the world to see

"The Night Watch" by Rembrandt, one of the world’s most spectacular paintings, is to be restored under the world’s gaze at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Beginning in 2019, the restoration, expected to take several years, will be live-streamed online.

Sundar Pichai spoke about Google's China plans for the first time

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai commented publicly for the first time on the company's efforts to launch a censored search engine in China.

'Concrete block on your chest': astronauts recount failed space launch

Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin on Tuesday said the G-force during last week's emergency landing of the Soyuz spacecraft felt like a concrete block on his chest but he and NASA astronaut Nick Hague are now in "great" health.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin may not be a safe haven but seems to be in recovery mode

While there is as yet no analysis of Bitcoin price movements today by Omkar Godpole on CoinDesk there was an analysis yesterday on CoinDesk by Godpole and two other authors arguing that Bitcoin was not a safe haven but a risk asset.

Review: Yeelight Aurora brings a new concept to the lightstrip Special

Xiaomi's Yeelight have made improvements to their LED lightstrip, launching a new Plus version which has been named Aurora. The strip is designed to fit in with the smart home.

New app signals end of the supermarket checkout

A new app is being tested out by retail chain Marks and Spencer. If successful, this could mark the end of the supermarket checkout.

SK Telecom successfully completes first 5G call

South Korea's largest wireless carrier, SK Telecom, has successfully completed the first 5G Call using Samsung’s commercial 5G equipment. This was using equipment that can be readily applied to commercial 5G networks.

Essential Science: How playing video games changes the brain

New studies looking into how playing video games can affect the brain indicated that regular gaming can trigger changes across several brain regions, boosting efficiency but also fueling addiction.

Spray-on antennas offer smart-tech breakthrough

Scientists have constructed a novel method for spraying ultra-thin antennas composed if a two-dimensional metallic material. These antennae offer a range of applications linked to flexible, smart electronics.

Advanced optical imaging provides new cellular insights

A new combination of two microscope technologies has provided scientists with a new insight into the biological processes occurring inside all living cells. This enables particles near the membrane of human cells, for example, to be better visualized.

TBB — Over 150 sustainable energy technologies under one roof

Next week the world’s leading event in sustainable energy innovation, The Business Booster, will take place in Copenhagen from 17-18 October. Attendees will gain insight into more than 150 sustainable energy start-ups - under one roof.

Storm left wide swath of Florida a communications dead zone

Since Hurricane Michael roared through on Wednesday, a wide swath of Florida's northwest coast has been without telephone or Internet service, adding to the daunting challenges facing residents, loved ones trying to reach them, and the work crews strug...

New mechanism found for Arctic warming and melting ice

A new atmospheric mechanism by which warm dust travels from the Sahara Desert across the eastern side of the North Atlantic Ocean towards the Arctic, resulting in a warming Arctic and ice melting in southeast Greenland has been found.

World's fastest camera at 10 trillion frames per second

The world's fastest camera has been developed. Called the T-CUP the camera operates by 'freezing time' at 10 trillion frames per second.

3D printed objects track and store how they are used

3D printed objects have been developed which can track and store how they are used without using batteries or electronics. Instead a process called backscatter is deployed.

Huawei to partner with Audi to develop self-driving technology

The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei will partner with the German auto maker Audi to develop self-driving technology for cars that will be made in China.

A second NASA telescope decides to 'have a little vacation'

Less than a week after the Hubble Space Telescope went offline, the Chandra X-ray Observatory did the same thing, according to NASA on Friday. The space agency notes there appears to be a gyroscope problem with Chandra.

Human retinas successfully grown in a dish

To help to understand how color vision develops researchers have successfully grown human retinas in a Petri dish. These bio-constructs will allow for different theories to be tested.

Robot to be 'questioned' on impact of AI on jobs

As part of an inquiry into the impact of artificial intelligence on employment, a group of British parliamentarians are to 'question' as robot. Behind this are some key questions about the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs.

Bitcoin back over $6,200 but with bearish signs

After a big drop early this morning below $6,200 for the rest of the day so far Bitcoin has recovered to well over that level as it appears to be gaining a bit of lost ground in spite of bearish signals.

Grandkids-on-demand service launched for lonely seniors

For lonely seniors in search of companionship, a new app offers a service where college students can connect up with elderly people around the world to offer support and friendship.

Make way for the 'Rolls-Royce of microgrids'

Yet another global name is expanding its microgrid play — Rolls-Royce — in an announcement last week that it has taken a stake in an energy storage and controls startup and will now offer turnkey microgrids.