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Iran claimed on Monday that it had exposed a large cyber espionage network that it alleges was run by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and several US spies had been arrested in several countries as a result of the discovery.

Science suffers collateral damage as US, China tensions rise

A rise in US visa denials for Chinese academics and intensified scrutiny of alleged links to Beijing over fears of potential espionage are having a chilling effect on long-standing research collaboration, researchers say.

Facebook takes on the world of cryptocurrency with 'Libra' coin

Facebook unveiled plans Tuesday for a new global cryptocurrency called Libra, pledging to deliver a stable virtual money that lives on smartphones and could bring over a billion "unbanked" people into the financial system.

IBM technology detects breast cancer risk before it happens

IBM has taken a step forward in disease prevention by designing an artificial intelligence technology that can predict the risk of breast cancer developing up to one year before the first signs of cancer appear.

Europe wary as Facebook takes up cryptocurrency challenge

European financial leaders on Tuesday vowed vigilance after Facebook announced it was diving into the cryptocurrency market, as analysts warned the social media giant could face major regulatory questions.

NASA — 'No doubt' SpaceX explosion delays flight program

The explosion that destroyed a SpaceX astronaut taxi in April “no doubt” delays NASA’s drive to return Americans to the International Space Station (ISS) from U.S. soil later this year, the U.S. space agency’s chief said on Tuesday.

Domino's experiments with self-driving pizza robo-car

Domino's, the pizza chain, is experimenting with a self-driving pizza delivery system in the U.S. city of Houston. This takes the form of a temperature controlled robo-car, which takes the pizza directly to the customer.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin trending up still breaking $9,000 and then some

The recent price surge in bitcoin (BTC) along with the entire cryptocurrency market accelerated over the weekend. Bitcoin has risen over the $9,000 level for the first time since May 10 of 2018. This is almost triple bitcoin's price as the year began.

Trump furious at NY Times article on US cyberattacks on Russia

Last weekend, the New York Times broke a story about US cyberattacks on Russia particularly against their electrical grid. The report suggests the US has placed massive malware across vital Russian systems.

NASA will test 'green' fuel in Falcon Heavy mission next week

SpaceX's upcoming Falcon Heavy mission next week will not only be testing a new "green" propellant, but it will be carrying 20 satellites and materials that will support the Deep Space Atomic Clock as well as two additional experiments.

Samsung: Time to start scanning your smart TVs for viruses

Smart televisions being at a risk to viruses is not the first area most people would consider in terms of cyber-risks. However, ever more sophisticated technology and renewed efforts by hackers presents such a risk

Boeing apologises for 737 MAX crashes as Paris Air Show opens

A top Boeing executive apologised Monday for two crashes of 737 MAX jets that together killed 346 people, disasters which have pushed safety to the top of the agenda as aerospace firms gathered for the opening of the Paris Air Show.

Europe takes new step toward future combat jet

France, Germany and Spain on Monday unveiled a next-generation combat jet for European air forces, an ambitious project aimed at bringing together the continent's disparate military forces while offering an alternative to American planes.

Essential Science: Why the time of day for exercising matters

If you exercise regularly, do you prefer to get up early and go for a jog or head to gym after a long day at work? The time of the day which you choose to exercise can be important, according to new research.

Man's first steps on the Moon, reported live by AFP

It was 10:56 pm at mission control in Houston on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the Moon.

Lyft introduces new more durable scooter for its sharing business

Transportation network Lyft Inc. is introducing its own special model of scooter for its scooter-sharing business. The scooter is mean to be more durable, has a longer battery life and bike-like brakes. The scooters are available in Denver.

New cause of autism: Unwanted DNA?

Scientists have suggested that a new cause of autism could be found in 'junk' DNA. This relates the neurodevelopmental condition to mutations in the non-coding regions of the human genome, according to the new study.

Review: Two wireless earbuds reviewed for sound and functionality Special

Earbuds are becoming the popular alternative to the standard headphones that come with smartphones. Technology has moved on for pairing to be maintained consistently, via Bluetooth. Two different products, from Xcentz and Blitzwolf are examined.

Canada backing startup to boost data on space debris

The Canadian government’s contracting arm is backing a proposed new satellite system that will use big data analytics to provide commercially available data about the Earth and its orbit amid growing concerns about the risks posed by space debris.

'Moon Rock Hunter' on quest to track down Apollo gifts

After Neil Armstrong took a "giant leap for mankind" on the Moon nearly 50 years ago and collected rocks and soil along the way, Richard Nixon presented lunar souvenirs to every nation -- 135, at the time.

Bitcoin moves well above $8,100 but on low volumes

Bitcoin is moving higher but on declining volumes a sign that there may be a continuing bullish move. However, bitcoin has broken decisively through the $8,100 level so perhaps buyers will enter the market this weekend.

Head of 32,000-year-old wolf found in Russian Arctic

A first intact head of a gigantic adult wolf which died about 32,000 years ago and was preserved in permafrost has been found in the Russian Arctic, scientists have said.

Amazon sued over Alexa's recording of child's voice

Amazon is to be sued in the U.S. over recordings made by Alexa of a child. Two separate cases allege that Amazon did not have the consent to create the voiceprints of children talking to the personal digital assistant.

NIH Director: It's time to end 'manels' at scientific conventions

One of the most influential public health officials in the world said Wednesday that he will no longer speak on scientific panels if they don't include women.

First US murder trial using DNA, family tree evidence

A truck driver implicated by his DNA and family tree in a double murder more than 30 years after the crime will face trial this week in the first case using a revolutionary investigative technique.

Amid privacy firestorm, Facebook curbs research tool

Facebook has curbed access to a controversial feature allowing searches of the vast content within the social network -- a tool which raised privacy concerns but was also used for research and investigative journalism.

Op-Ed: Warren asks federal agencies for answers about algorithmic bias

For a long time now, lenders have given African American and Latino families fewer loans and at inferior terms than white borrowers in similar circumstances. One might think that the use of tech such as algorithms would be able to solve these problems.

British government invests $193 million in quantum computing

The quest for “quantum supremacy”, to develop 'true' quantum computers that can do anything far faster than an ordinary computer and more, is playing out on the global stage. The U.K. government, keen to be part of this, has pledged a considerable sum

Are secret agents using LinkedIn to get information?

LinkedIn is the professional networking site where people go to network, join discussion groups or look for jobs. It also seems to contain a hot-bed of spies, seeking data.

Is GPS ruining our brains?

Do our brains work differently when we are using GPS? The answer is yes, according to a new study. The research was conducted in virtual reality, where some visitors navigated using a GPS device and others who navigated using a map.

Senators warn Trump to not use Huawei as chip in trade talks

Two leading US senators warned President Donald Trump's administration Thursday to not use Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei's access to the US market as a negotiating tool in trade talks with Beijing.

NASA renames street for 'hidden' black women mathematicians

NASA has renamed the street outside its Washington headquarters to honor three black female mathematicians whose pioneering work on the agency's early space program was chronicled in the film "Hidden Figures".

Netflix gets its game on at E3 with 'Stranger Things'

Netflix on Wednesday made its first formal appearance at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, showcasing plans for video games based on hit original shows such as "Stranger Things.

Huawei postpones new laptop indefinitely after US ban

Huawei has postponed indefinitely the release of a new laptop that uses Windows as an OS according to the Windows laptop consumer CEO Richard Yu.

New microorganism helps produce alternative fuels

Researchers have used genetically engineered algae that can grow three times faster than starch crops and used this to produce biofuel and biochemicals.

China tightens rules on genetic research after designer-baby scandal

China has announced regulations to curb the smuggling of human organs and tighten oversight on the use of human genetic materials in research months after a Chinese scientist caused a global outcry by claiming that he gene-edited babies.

OECD issues report on AI in Society

The OECD has published a detailed report looking at how artificial intelligence is affecting global economies and societies. The report considers the acceleration in AI investment and the growth of startups.

Thousands of images are stolen in U.S. border hack

Tens of thousands of images have been stolen in U.S. border hack. The images are of people who have crossed the U.S. border with Mexico. as well as images of people, the data also related to vehicle license plates.

Opera browser releases what it calls world's first gaming browser

For the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year the browser Opera has come up with what it terms the "world's first gaming browser".

Radiohead defies hackers, releases trove of stolen music

Alternative rock legends Radiohead on Tuesday released an 18-hour trove of private recordings from their 1997 album "OK Computer" after getting hacked by someone seeking a ransom of $150,000 for the music.

Awareness needed of cyber risks when spring cleaning computers

While the digital age makes it easy to transfer and to store data from computers via flash drives or external hard drives, a virtual data thumbprint remains on all devices — and this means a remaining security risk.
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