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Hundreds of orange robots zoom and whiz back and forth like miniature bumper cars -- but instead of colliding, they're following a carefully plotted path to transport thousands of items ordered from online giant Amazon.

New Universe map unearths 300,000 more galaxies

The known Universe just got a lot bigger. A new map of the night sky published Tuesday charts hundreds of thousands of previously unknown galaxies discovered using a telescope that can detect light sources optical instruments cannot see.

Audi displays EV innovation, serious horsepower at CIAS 2019 Commissioned

The 2019 Canadian International Auto Show hosted cars and technology from the cutting edge of the automotive world. Crowds got a chance to see the next wave of exciting developments from Audi, as well as some of the automaker’s hottest cars.

Tesla's giant battery in Australia turns in a top performance

The huge battery at Hornsdale in South Australia is continuing to make its mark on the energy market in Australia. It made another $4 million in the fourth quarter from providing services. The battery is on track to recoup a third of its cost in one year.

Bitcoin closing in on the $4,000 level

An article on CoinDesk by Sebastian Sinclair notes that bitcoin(BTC) has passed through its 100-day moving average for the first time in 127 days. The move indicates the bulls are willing to test the upper range of the ascending triangle.

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity takes to the skies again tomorrow

If all goes as planned, Virgin Galactic will take to the skies again tomorrow, February 20 for the fifth test flight of its suborbital SpaceShipTwo vehicle. The VSS Unity will takeoff from the Mojave Air and Space Port around 7 a.m. local time.

CRISPR could treat rare brain disorder in unborn babies

New research, based on the technique CRISPR and using a benign virus, could be used to treat a rare brain disorder in unborn babies. The virus functions to switch on certain genes.

Huawei's founder denies presence of 'backdoors' for spying

The founder of Chinese telecom giant Huawei has hit back at US efforts to blacklist the company and denied there are any "backdoors" in its technology to spy for Beijing.

Huawei's founder says world can't live without it

The founder of Chinese telecom giant Huawei has hit back at US efforts to blacklist the company, saying defiantly that the world cannot do without Huawei and its "more advanced" technology.

Bitcoin bounces back to over $3,900 in recovery mode

Bitcoin(BTC) seems to be once again in recovery mode as it is moving up but has not as yet broken the $4,000 barrier. However, it has been above $3,900. Its low so far today has been its opening price so the trend is up for now.

China aims to build an orbiting power station in space by 2025

China's Academy of Space Technology is working on an orbital power plant that would capture solar energy in space and beam it back to Earth.

First private space probe on the moon to launch this week

Israel hopes to become the fourth country in the world to land a spacecraft on the moon, with the launch of the unmanned spacecraft Beresheet from Florida’s Cape Canaveral on Thursday.

Essential Science: Transforming plastic waste into fuel

Researchers have developed new technology that can convert plastic waste (the biggest environmental issue associated with modern society) into a clean fuel. This represents one application to address the plastic crisis.

Facebook 'digital gangsters' who spread fake news: British MPs

A scathing British parliamentary report on Monday branded Facebook "digital gangsters" who failed to fight the spread of fake news and violated data privacy.

Making smart homes less expensive with new technology

Turning a conventional home into a ‘smart home’ can be become easier, and a less expensive, due to new technology developed by Canada’s University of Waterloo. This is in the form of battery-free Wi-Fi sensors.

Japan-based firm to use magnet to ‘dock’ orbiting junk

Astroscale Holdings Inc. is preparing to rendezvous with, capture and dock a test satellite early next year to show how its technology can help clear orbiting junk, Miki Ito, 36, general manager of Astroscale's Japan unit, said in an interview.

Rocket startup Relativity Space piles up talent and resources

Today, three-year-old rocket startup, Relativity Space has not only added real estate but employees — and is putting the finishing touches on three additional 3D printers, each larger and more advanced than the company's first printer.

Call to ban autonomous killer robots

It may seem like the scene from a sci-fi movie, but future conflicts could be fought using killer robots, with artificial intelligence giving robots free reign. For this reason, a new campaign is calling for a global ban on developing such machines.

Op-Ed: Twitter talks of adding a clarification function to their tweets

Twitter is thinking of adding a feature that would allow users to add context and clarification to old tweets. The new feature was explained back on Valentine's Day in San Francisco at a Goldman Sachs event.

New report into the extent of identity fraud

Financial analysts Experian have released their annual “Global Identity & Fraud Report”. As well as highlighting concerns, the report indicates that consumers are willing to share more data with companies if this means enhanced security.

Q&A: How to respond to the latest big data breach? Special

Around 617 million online account details have been stolen from 16 hacked websites, and these have been placed are on sale by the criminals on the dark web. Cybersecurity experts tell Digital Journal about the implications.

British-led mission successfully harpoons 'orbital debris'

A British-led mission successfully tested a harpoon that's designed to spear space junk and capture it in orbit for the first time. Airbus carried out the successful experiment as part of the RemoveDebris project.

Energy Department announces opening of battery recycling center

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced on Friday a $15-billion, three-year research and development project that aims to reclaim and recycle critical materials (e.g., cobalt and lithium) from lithium-based battery technology,

SpaceX protests NASA launch contract — Lucy mission on hold

SpaceX has filed a protest over the award of a launch contract to United Launch Alliance (ULA) for a NASA planetary science mission, claiming it could carry out the mission for significantly less money.

Popular dating app announces major data breach Special

On this Valentine’s Day, Cupid Meets Bagel users were met with an unhappy surprise. Users were greeted with an email informing them that their data was affected by a recent breach. Two experts analyse the implications.

Letting an AI go 'to sleep' enhances its performance

An artificial intelligence has been programmed so that it enters into 'sleep mode' with the aim of enhancing performance. The process is based on a mathematical model.

JP Morgan first major US bank to announce its own cryptocurrency

In an ironic twist JP Morgan has announced that it will launch a cryptocurrency tied to the US dollar. The coin will be called the JPM Coin and it will be used to make instantaneous payments using blockchain technology.

Microbiologists meet to make pharmaceutical manufacturing safer Special

Microbiologist met recently in the U.K. to discuss best practices for monitoring cleanroom environments (the space within which pharmaceutical medicines are produced). The theme of the event was on risk-assessment.

NASA's SPHEREx Mission will be a new eye tracking the heavens

NASA has announced a new space telescope mission dedicated to understanding the origins of life and the universe. It's called the Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization and Ices Explorer or SPHEREx, for short.

Apple's ‘Netflix for news’ set to launch

Apple is set to launch what some commentators are dubbing a ‘Netflix for news’ service, which will bundle together paid for news with imagine subscriptions. Publishers are not too happy with Apple seeking 50 percent of the revenue.

Airbus A380, the Concorde: technical feats, commercial flops

The scratching of the superjumbo jet Airbus A380 echoes the sad fate of the supersonic Concorde, another feat of aviation technology that turned out to be a commercial flop.

Airbus pulls plug on costly A380 superjumbo as sales plummet

European aerospace giant Airbus said Thursday that it would stop building its A380 superjumbo, the double-decker jet which earned plaudits from passengers but failed to win over enough airlines to justify its massive costs.

Cows need love too — Farmers set up 'Tudder' dating app for cows

"Tudder," a Tinder-inspired app is helping farmers match up potential partners for their cattle. Launched just in time for Valentine's Day, Tudder's creators believe it is the first ever matchmaking app for livestock.

Mission complete: NASA announces demise of Opportunity rover

During 14 years of intrepid exploration across Mars, it advanced human knowledge by confirming that water once flowed on the red planet -- but NASA's Opportunity rover has analyzed its last soil sample.

Technology advances help autonomous vehicles see around corners

There have been many imaging advances with autonomous vehicles, as the technology moves towards wider implementation. One technological challenge and an areas linked to enhanced safety, is the ability to see around corners.

Smartwatch sales in US grew more than 60 percent in 2018

Smartwatch sales in the US were up more than 60 percent in 2018. As the wearables market begins to mature more people are buying smartwatches. The data is provided by the NPD Group. Total sales last year were nearly $5 billion.

NASA to make final attempt to contact Mars Opportunity Rover

US space agency NASA will make one final attempt to contact its Opportunity Rover on Mars late Tuesday, eight months after it last made contact.

In five EU nations EVs are cheaper to buy and run than gas cars

New research shows that electric vehicles are now cheaper to run than gas or diesel vehicles in five different European countries.

The DNA of ancient giant trees could possibly save our forests

What if we could revive giant creatures that once roamed the Earth? Well, that’s what arborists are doing today, only they’re cloning saplings from the stumps of the world’s largest, strongest, and longest-lived trees, the giant redwoods.

Someone made a $57 sex request button — the Internet isn't amused

LoveSync is a device that lets you silently and "anonymously" indicate to your partner you're in the mood for sex with the push of a button.

Lithuania attracts London fintech firms as Brexit looms

Worried over Brexit uncertainty, dozens of fintech companies have applied for licences in Lithuania to secure access to the EU market, the Baltic state's central bank said Tuesday.
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