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Japan Airlines embraces gender neutral greetings

Apo - Japan Airlines is ditching the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" and instead embracing gender neutral terms during in-flight and airport announcements from next month, the company said Monday.

Japan government warns on suicide after death of actress

Apo - Japan's government Monday urged people to seek help if they were struggling to cope, following the death at the weekend of a popular actress.

Trump's former campaign head hospitalized after suicide threat

Miami - Donald Trump's former campaign manager Brad Parscale was taken to a Florida hospital after his wife told officers he threatened to commit suicide, media reports said.

Egypt's Nasser still a polarising figure, 50 years on

Apo - Fifty years since Gamal Abdel Nasser's death, controversy over the legacy of the charismatic Egyptian president who championed Arab unity lives on in Egypt as deep divisions beset the Middle East.

G20 summit to be held virtually: Saudi hosts

Apo - Saudi Arabia said Monday it will hold the G20 summit virtually in November, instead of having leaders of the world's richest nations converge on Riyadh as planned before the coronavirus crisis.

Pentagon may increase US Navy by around 500 ships

Documents obtained by Defense Nwa show that the Pentagon contemplates increasing the US Navy Fleet to about 500 ships. The documents are draft versions of a Future Navy Force Study as assessment commissioned by the Pentagon.

TikTok gets reprieve as judge halts Trump download ban

Washington - TikTok won a last-minute reprieve late Sunday as a US federal judge halted enforcement of a politically charged ban ordered by the Trump administration on downloads of the popular video app, hours before it was set to take effect.

US judge suspends Trump ban on TikTok downloads

Washington - A US federal judge late Sunday halted a politically charged ban ordered by the Trump administration on downloads of the popular video app TikTok, hours before it was to go into effect.

Op-Ed: Is Trump broke? Weird numbers ask big questions

New York City - According to The New York Times, Trump paid $750 in income tax in 2016. It’s the sort of money rich people pay themselves to minimize tax. That’s the 10% tax rate for that year. The numbers are meanwhile telling a story which doesn’t fit the image.

Bombshell report claims Trump avoided taxes for years

Washington - US President Donald Trump on Sunday faced allegations that he paid little or no federal income tax for years before he came to power, as his cloudy financial past stoked controversy ahead of the first election debate.

In a time of disarray, UN's virtual meeting adds surreal notes

New York - "Our common house is in disorder," said French President Emmanuel Macron, describing the troubled state of the United Nations General Assembly as it prepares for a second week of mostly virtual meetings and speeches starting Tuesday.

Is Ohio, long a US bellwether, slipping out of play for Democrats?

Youngstown - Four years after carrying bellwether Ohio and winning the US presidency, Donald Trump again needs the support of disenchanted Democrats in the critical state if he is to earn a second White House term.

Amy Coney Barrett: Religious conservative US Supreme Court pick

Washington - Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who was nominated Saturday to the US Supreme Court, is a darling of conservatives for her religious views but detractors warn her confirmation would shift the nation's top court firmly to the right.

Can hemp seeds reduce heart attack risk?

A new finding concerning the health properties of hemp has been discovered. The material extracted from the Cannabis plant may aid in protecting the heart.

United States by far the top arms supplier to the Middle East

The Center for International Policy (CIP) in a new report finds that from 2015 to 2019 the US was the largest supplier of arms to the Middle East and North Africa supply just less than half, 48 percent, of the weapons used in the area during that period.

Masks, birds and Italy dreams: this week on the US campaign trail

Washington - With fewer than 40 days before the US election, the race for the White House is in high gear, giving AFP the chance to select the strangest moments from a week on the campaign trail.

Trump names 'brilliant' conservative to US Supreme Court

Washington - President Donald Trump named Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Saturday, setting in motion a rush by Republicans to cement a conservative majority on the court on the eve of a tense and potentially disputed US election.

Australia PM on not sharing vaccine: History will be 'severe judge'

New York - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday insisted that any nation that develops a Covid-19 vaccine share it universally, warning that history will be a "severe judge" if not.

IMF raises Colombia's credit line to $17.2 bn

Washington - The International Monetary Fund on Friday announced it had raised by $6.5 billion a credit line offered to Colombia to about $17.2 billion, aiming to help the country cope with the economic effects of Covid-19.

Japan PM Suga 'determined' to hold Olympics despite pandemic

New York - Japan is "determined" to host the postponed Olympic Games in 2021 despite the coronavirus pandemic, the country's newly elected prime minister told the United Nations General Assembly on Friday.
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