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India's official coronavirus case tally passed two million on Friday after a daily jump of more than 60,000.The South Asian giant becomes only the third country to reach the figure, after the United States and Brazil.

Canvas Print Sales Surge as People Look For an Emotional Boost

With more time spent at home during COVID-19, it turns out more of us have a penchant for home decorating than previously thought.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD and Seniors for Insomnia

Does it seem like it is harder and harder to sleep as you get older? If you have already checked for other conditions and reduced your caffeine intake, there are still options that can help. Cannabidiol (CBD) could help with your insomnia.

US lifts advice to avoid all foreign travel due to pandemic

The United States on Thursday lifted a warning to its citizens to avoid all foreign travel due to the coronavirus pandemic, pointing to improvements.The State Department said it would instead resume considering each country on a case-by-case basis.

CDC Warning — People are drinking hand sanitizers and dying

Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available can help protect you from the coronavirus—but drinking it can leave you blind or dead, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns.

New public health alert over onions in prepared products

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued a public health alert for ready-to-eat (RTE) meat and poultry products that may contain onions recalled by Thomson International Inc. due to Salmonella.

As coronavirus deaths mount, virus testing is dropping in U.S.

U.S. testing for the coronavirus is dropping even as infections remain high and the death toll rises by more than 1,000 a day, a worrisome trend. A couple things are going on.

Canary Islands to insure tourists who catch virus

Spain's Canary Islands has taken out insurance to cover costs visitors face if they become infected with the coronavirus, the archipelago's regional government said Wednesday.

Meet Rory Douglas: Financial educator, author, and life coach Special

Financial educator, author and life coach Rory Douglas chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his podcast "Holla at a Scholar Podcast" and the digital age.

Study finds 55% of COVID-19 survivors suffer mental disorders

A new study suggests that the majority of people who recover from COVID-19 suffer from at least one mental disorder one month after treatment, raising serious concerns about lingering psychological effects of the virus.

Coronavirus infects 24,000 South African health workers

Some 24,000 health workers in South Africa have contracted coronavirus, 181 of whom have died, since the pandemic hit the country in March, the health minister announced on Wednesday.

Trickle of British tourists dashes Cyprus tourism hopes

The holiday island of Cyprus had hoped British tourists would give a badly-needed boost to its pandemic-hit tourism sector, but only a trickle of sun-seekers have arrived.

Defying virus, Latvian ocean rower plans next adventure

After spending 140 days rowing across the ocean without seeing another human being, Latvian adventurer Karlis Bardelis has some valuable tips for those learning to cope with coronavirus lockdowns.

CDC - Prepare for 2020 outbreak of polio-like illness in children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned parents and doctors Tuesday that it expects another outbreak this year between August and November of a rare but life-threatening condition that mostly affects children,

Three-step strategy to reduce coronavirus infection risk indoors

In an attempt to wrestle with the 'new normal', workplaces and schools are attempting to re-open. many will have plans in place to address coronavirus risks. Syracuse University researchers propose a new three-step plan.

Study: Rising heat will cause more deaths than infectious disease

Rising temperatures driven by climate change could cause tens of millions of deaths per year worldwide by the end of the century, potentially matching the global death rate for all infectious diseases combined, according to a new study.

Michael Beas talks about CEO Club International recognition Special

Michael Beas, CEO of Atlas Elite Partners and Raver Magazine, chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about becoming one of the youngest members named to the Chief Executive Officers Club International, Inc.

WHO chief warns of 'no silver bullet' amid vaccine search

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned at a media briefing on Monday that there may never be a "silver bullet" for defeating COVID-19.

Argentina exposes COVID-19 health data in error Special

Argentina's health officials have apparently exposed personal medical data relating to some 115,000 COVID-19 quarantine exemption applicants, in what represents a major health sector data breach.

Virus exposes cracks in Brazil's public health system

Brazil's public health care system, considered among the world's most advanced when it was launched, is being pushed to the brink by the coronavirus pandemic, which has exposed the impact of years of under-funding and mismanagement.

Global virus cases top 18 million as Australian city imposes curfew

The number of coronavirus cases recorded worldwide topped 18 million on Monday with the illness continuing its march, after Australia's second-largest city imposed a curfew to halt the spread.

For Iraqi mothers-to-be, hospitals are pandemic no-go zones

Iraqi midwife Umm Mariam used to help bring three babies into the world per day. But with mothers-to-be avoiding pandemic-hit hospitals, she now delivers twice that number in her makeshift home clinic.

Salmonella outbreak in US and Canada linked to California Company

Federal health officials say an outbreak of salmonella infecting nearly 400 people in more than 30 states, and 114 people in Canada has been linked to red onions, and identified a California company as the likely source.

First US recipient of partial face transplant dead at 57

Connie Culp, the first US recipient of a partial face transplant, has died at age 57, according to Ohio's Cleveland Clinic, where she underwent the delicate operation nearly 12 years ago.

South Africa coronavirus cases top 500,000: government

South Africa has now registered more than 500,000 cases of coronavirus, the health ministry announced Saturday, making it by far the hardest-hit country in Africa.

Digital based language courses boom during lockdown

A boom has occurred within the e-learning sector, in relation to digital-based language courses. a new survey, based on U.K. habits, has shown a general increase as well as spotlighting the most popular languages to learn.

Expect 'lengthy' coronavirus pandemic WHO warns

The World Health Organization on Saturday warned the coronavirus pandemic was likely to be "lengthy" after its emergency committee met to evaluate the crisis six months after sounding the international alarm.

Virus curfew imposed in Melbourne as S. Africa tops 500,000 cases

Australia's second-largest city imposed an overnight curfew on Sunday to halt the spread of coronavirus cases, as South Africa's infection count topped more than half a million.

Hong Kong opens makeshift hospital for COVID-19 patients

Hong Kong opened a temporary field hospital with 500 beds on Saturday to house stable COVID-19 patients as the city battles a new wave of virus infections.

Op-Ed: Who’s liable for COVID-19 deaths? You may be surprised.

As the pandemic destroys the global economy, another issue is waiting, perhaps too long, in the wings: Legal liability. Laws have been enacted, but test cases are few on the ground.

Recovered from virus, Bolsonaro says nothing to fear

Fresh off a bout of COVID-19, President Jair Bolsonaro said Friday nearly everyone will probably end up catching the new coronavirus, urging Brazilians to "face up to it" and saying there was nothing to fear.

Red onions responsible for Salmonella outbreak in U.S. and Canada

Red Onions are at the root of a Salmonella outbreak that has sickened 212 people in the United States and sickened 114 people in Canada. A total of 47 people have been hospitalized in the US and Canada.

Different generations financial priorities revealed

A new survey by The Ascent has looked at shifting financial priorities across different generations across family units during the coronavirus era.

Trump Administration needs to change course on COVID-19

How can the U.S. address the continually rising number of cases of coronavirus? It is clear that new and more sophisticated measures are required. A new report sets out a road-map.

Nancy Berger, Cosmopolitan Publishing Director, talks 'Hauliday' Special

Nancy Berger is the SVP/Publishing Director of Cosmopolitan, Women's Health and Seventeen. She chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about "Hauliday," and being a publishing director in the digital age.

Nepal reopens Everest despite pandemic uncertainty

Nepal has reopened its mountains -- including Everest -- for the autumn trekking and climbing season in a bid to boost the struggling tourism sector, officials said Friday, despite coronavirus uncertainty.

Unlikely alliance against Corfu luxury resort

An unlikely alliance of wealthy landowners, environment activists and residents has emerged on the Greek island of Corfu, where a disputed resort officially launched in July after a near-decade delay.

Spike in demand: stinky durians enjoy online virus boom

When a coronavirus lockdown confined Malaysians to their homes, street traders selling durians moved their pungent produce online -- and have been enjoying an unexpected spike in demand.

New UK quarantine rules shake up summer travel plans

The Lunt family from Bath, in western England, had planned to visit Spain this summer but like so many British holidaymakers have had their plans upended by the coronavirus pandemic.

As COVID starts to surge, Ethiopia battles complacency

The car paused at a traffic light, its rooftop megaphone pumping out a message that the city government of Addis Ababa has been hammering for months."Yes, we can and you can!" the recording began.

Florida reports third straight single-day COVID-19 death record

Florida reported 252 coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours on Thursday, its third straight single-day record total of COVID-19 fatalities. The state also added 9,956 new cases, bringing its total to more than 461,000 infections.
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