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The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has announced that ready-to-eat salads made by small suppliers across the country are being recalled because they might be contaminated with listeria and salmonella.

Trump restrictions aside, American Airlines boosts profile in Cuba

American Airlines announced Monday that it would offer more daily flights to Cuba, by 2019, despite US restrictions on Americans traveling to that country.

WHO says Zika risk low in Pacific ahead of Meghan visit

As Prince Harry and his expectant wife Meghan prepare to tour Fiji and Tonga next week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the risk of contracting Zika virus in the Pacific nations is low.

S.Africa divers risk all to poach marine delicacies for China diners

One Saturday night in August, Deurick van Blerk, 26, climbed into his small boat off the coast of Cape Town on another of his illegal fishing expeditions. He never returned.

Royals Harry and Meghan go barefoot on Bondi

British royals Harry and Meghan kicked off their shoes and donned tropical garlands Friday as they hit Sydney's famed Bondi beach for the latest stop on their Australian tour.

University of Connecticut runs cannabis horticulture course

The legalization of cannabis in many parts of North America is starting to impact on different parts of society, and this includes education. The University of Connecticut is set to run a course with a differences.

Hong Kong mega bridge launch announcement sparks backlash

China has finally announced the opening ceremony for the world's longest sea bridge, which will connect Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland, but critics hit back Thursday over the secrecy surrounding the project.

Passengers stranded as Cypriot airline goes bust

Cypriot low-cost carrier Cobalt Air announced it was cancelling all flights from Thursday after just two years in operation, leaving passengers stranded and scrambling to get their money back.

Mass tourism sparks battle for Montmartre's soul

Inside a dark, low-ceilinged room once frequented by Picasso and Modigliani when they were still struggling artists, a group of tourists from Russia, Canada and Australia are listening to traditional French songs.

Lifespan 2040: US down, China up, Spain on top

Life expectancy in 2040 is set to rise at least a little in all nations but the rankings will change dramatically, with Spain taking the top spot while China and the United States trade places, researchers said Wednesday.

Harry and Meghan 'gift' rain to drought-stricken Aussie outback

Prince Harry and his expectant wife Meghan visited a drought-stricken region of Australia Wednesday, bringing a rare and welcome rainstorm with them.

Blue wine? A tea-infused vintage? Spain startup shakes things up

Five years ago, a group of university students in Spain's Basque Country decided they wanted to shake up a sector -- any sector -- but preferably one to do with food or drink.

Martina McBride to launch Food Network series 'Martina's Table'

Country queen Martina McBride announced that she is back with "Martina's Table," her new cooking series on the Food Network.

PediaSure, Ensure, other nutrition drinks recalled in Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued an updated recall for Abbott brand liquid nutrition products in 235 mL metal cans due to possible bacterial contamination.

Op-Ed: ‘Slaughter-free’ grown meat? It’s happening

The ethics of eating animals are hotly debated, but a new alternative might make the debate redundant. Chicken nuggets, grown from the cells of a chicken feather, have been produced. The chicken is still alive, and presumably doing interviews.

Mystery over shooting of British mountain biker in French Alps

French investigators are struggling to explain how a young hunter out on a shooting expedition in the French Alps ended up killing a British mountain biker at the weekend, prosectors said Tuesday.

Chef Jamie Oliver slams TV bosses over junk food ads

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver slammed his own bosses Monday in an extraordinary attack on their defence of junk food advertising on television.

Prince Harry and wife Meghan expecting a baby: official

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, are expecting a baby in the spring of 2019, they announced on Monday as they began a Pacific tour.

Fleeing electricity, Mexico Mennonites seek new home

The desert of northern Mexico seemed so perfect when the Mennonites moved here 26 years ago: a place free from electricity, television or cars. But then the government installed the first power lines.

R.S. Jones earns multiple 2019 'Best of Long Island' nominations

R.S. Jones in Merrick has garnered seven nominations in the "Restaurants" section of the 2019 "Best of Long Island" competition.

Study finds the FDA allows tainted supplements to be sold in U.S.

More than 700 over-the-counter dietary supplements were found to contain unauthorized and undeclared pharmaceuticals between 2007 and 2016, according to data from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

With border open, Ethiopia and Eritrea are back in business

For two decades, little besides soldiers, refugees and rebels moved across Ethiopia and Eritrea's closed border, but today the once-barren no man's land teems with activity.

Fine French wine fetches record-smashing $558,000 at auction

A bottle of 1945 Romanee-Conti wine fetched a record-smashing $558,000 at an auction held at Sotheby's in New York Saturday, which saw two bottles break the previous record.

Snowstorm kills nine climbers on Nepal peak

Nine members of a South Korean climbing expedition were killed after a violent snowstorm swept them off a cliff on Nepal's Mount Gurja, one of the deadliest mountaineering accidents to hit the Himalayan nation in recent years.

Air Canada's near miss last year was almost 'worst accident in history'

A near miss involving an Air Canada plane which almost landed on a crowded taxiway instead of a runway at San Francisco airport last year could have been the "worst aviation accident in history," according to an official report.

'We are fine': Melania Trump dismisses gossip about marriage

Melania Trump dismissed Friday the widespread talk about her husband President Donald Trump's alleged affairs with a porn star and others, saying she has "more important things to think about.

Jetliner lands in US after world's longest flight

An Airbus jetliner arrived in Newark on Friday after a nearly 18-hour trip from Singapore, completing the world's longest commercial flight.It marked the revival of a route that had been eliminated in 2013.

Community fears grow as DR Congo Ebola death toll climbs

Humanitarian workers are struggling to calm community fears in strife-torn eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where 125 people have died of Ebola, and cases of the virus are spreading fast.

Air India jet hits wall on takeoff

Air India on Friday grounded two pilots after one of its jets carrying 136 people hit an airport perimeter wall on takeoff and then flew for almost four hours with a damaged body, officials said.

Jetliner lands in US after world's longest flight

An Airbus jetliner arrived in Newark on Friday after a nearly 18-hour trip from Singapore, completing the world's longest commercial flight.It marked the revival of a route that had been eliminated in 2013.

UK's Princess Eugenie marries wine merchant

Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Princess Eugenie married a wine merchant on Friday in a Windsor wedding clouded by complaints over costs and struggling to recapture the magic of past royal nuptials.

Doctors warn of global C-section 'epidemic'

Worldwide Caesarean section use has nearly doubled in two decades and has reached "epidemic" proportions in some countries, doctors warned Friday, highlighting a huge gap in childbirth care between rich and poor mothers.

Quantum physicist Rulin Xiu talks about new book 'Tao Science' Special

World-renowned quantum physicist Dr. Rulin Xiu chatted exclusively with Digital Journal about her new book "Tao Science."

Now boarding: Passengers ready for world's longest flight

Passengers were getting ready to board the world's longest flight on Thursday -- a marathon 19 hours in the air between Singapore and New York.

On Lake Victoria ferries, passengers pray and hope for the best

Time-worn and weather-beaten, the MV Mbita III tilts slightly to the left as it creaks out of its Kenyan port on Lake Victoria.

One more reason not to pick your nose: pneumonia

Parents exasperated by their children constantly ignoring pleas to stop picking their noses, may have finally found an argument to break the habit: it might give you pneumonia.

Q&A: New surgical repair mesh solution launched Special

A Chicago startup is bringing a new surgical mesh to the operating room, delivering a surgical repair solution that remains strong for just long enough before dissolving entirely. Medical student-turned entrepreneur Alexei Mlodinow explains more.

Alzheimer's: Antiepileptic drugs linked to higher risk of stroke

New Scandinavian research has found a connection between antiepileptic drugs and a higher risk of stroke, in persons with Alzheimer’s disease. The effects were the same with old and new generation drugs for epilepsy.

'Just say no' to drug legalisation: WHO chief

With Canada on the verge of becoming the world's second nation to legalise recreational marijuana, the head of the World Health Organization said Wednesday that countries should think twice before opening that door.

Brits brace for 'the other' royal wedding

Five months on from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's fairytale nuptials, the time has come for "the other" royal wedding -- the one no one seems to want to pay for or watch.

Foreigners snap up Istanbul's iconic waterfront mansions

They are among Istanbul's most iconic sights -- magnificent waterside mansions strung out along the Bosphorus as the waters of the strait dividing Europe and Asia lap almost at their front doors.