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The price of crude oil surged again Friday after OPEC said it would talk to non-members, notably Russia, giving investors hope for an end to a price war which has created market chaos along with crushed demand because of the coronavirus.

Hotel giant Marriott International suffers new data breach Special

Marriott International, the hotel group that consists of the global chains Marriott, St Regis and The Ritz-Carlton, has suffered a major cybersecurity breach. The breach has led to customer data being exposed.

U.S. dairies forced to dump milk as virus disrupts supply chain

Despite a strong demand for basic foods like dairy products amid the coronavirus pandemic, the milk supply chain has seen a host of disruptions that are preventing dairy farmers from getting their products to market.

What investors should be asking their brokers during the pandemic Special

With market volatility causing trading volumes to skyrocket, it is recommended that investors check the customer support policies of their broker dealers, according to Dan Pipitone. He provides some advice for Digital Journal readers.

US unemployment report won't show full extent of pandemic's damage

A staggering 10 million US workers have lost their jobs in the second half of March as the coronavirus forced stores and businesses nationwide to close their doors.

German plexiglass firm churns out virus shields

Touted as a simple but effective shield against coronavirus infections, transparent screens have sprung up at supermarket tills and pharmacies across Germany.

Tesla finally agrees to temporarily close its California factory

On March 19th Tesla,Elon Musk's EV company, announced finally that it would temporarily shut down its electric car factory in California.

Q&A: CFO's are powering CX and digital transformation Special

When it comes to the CFO, modernizing customer experience probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet CFO’s are crucial in driving the modernization in customer experience, which is key to many business strategies.

Grocery and delivery workers demand more pay and protection

Grocery and delivery workers are doing some of the most potentially dangerous jobs in America during the coronavirus outbreak and they are demanding better pay and protection.

Global oil benchmark Brent crude dips below $20 per barrel

US crude oil prices fell below $20 a barrel on Monday, close to their lowest level in 18 years, as traders bet production would have to shut to cope with the collapse in demand from the coronavirus pandemic.

Saudi to raise oil exports to record levels as price war rages

Saudi Arabia said on Monday it will raise its oil exports to a record 10.6 million barrels per day starting from May despite a global supply glut, escalating a price war with Russia.

Asia virus latest: Markets fall, Aussies in quarantine

Here are the latest developments in Asia related to the novel coronavirus pandemic: - Markets resume sell-off - Asian markets fell following a steep drop on Wall Street as the jubilation from last week's enormous US stimulus package faded and investors...

Q&A: Five tips for the beginner entrepreneur Special

When people hear the word entrepreneur, they think of someone with staggering success like Elon Musk or Bill Gates, or the complete opposite: an individual with no job and no direction. To succeed, says Scott Hirsch, you need to think big.

Q&A: How manufacturers and supply chains can arm themselves Special

The recent coronavirus outbreak has caused a stall in all manufacturing activity in recent weeks. In the wake of supply chain setbacks like this one, how can companies onboard new suppliers? Tushar Patel of Cleo looks into this issue.

Covid-19 weighs on investors as market surge comes to an end

Stocks slid Friday as sharp increases in unemployment and novel coronavirus cases in the US tempered investors' excitement about a $2 trillion economic relief package intended to combat the pandemic's fallout.

Northern Ireland sportswear factory scrubs up in virus fight

As other factories fall silent due to the coronavirus, the din of production continues at O'Neills sportswear factory in Northern Ireland, where staff have pivoted to making scrubs and facemasks for besieged healthcare workers.

US stimulus plan: what's in the deal

After days of negotiations, the Senate has passed a historic $2.2 trillion plan to stimulate the US economy as it faces soaring unemployment and recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Massive risks to world economy as virus battle rages

The coronavirus outbreak and resulting lockdown of billions of people threatens the global economy to the point where economists are predicting the most violent recession in recent history, perhaps even eclipsing the Great Depression.

Q&A: Digital transformation — The dangers of over-predicting Special

When it comes to digital transformation, companies tend to focus too much on what's going to be the next big thing and commit themselves to a lot of heavy planning, according to Brian Levine of Mobiquity.

'It's not rosy': Kenya's flowers rot amid virus slowdown

On a Kenyan flower farm, workers stick to their daily schedule of cutting some of the world's finest roses.

Defending businesses against COVID-19 cyber-scams Special

Many websites and emails are promising vital information about COVID-19. The reality, however, is that a flood of them are scams that can enable malicious attacks to take place, notes Pali Surdhar of nCipher Security.

Coronavirus fallout revives talk of 'universal basic income'

The scoffed-at idea of paying everyone a basic income as machines take people's jobs is getting a fresh look as a possible remedy for economies cratered by the coronavirus pandemic.

White House, Senate agree on $2 trillion coronavirus rescue plan

The White House and Senate have reached agreement on a $2 trillion stimulus package for the US economy and millions of Americans ravaged by the coronavirus crisis, top lawmakers said early Wednesday.

Coronavirus calls into question PSA-Fiat Chrysler merger

Will they or won't they? On top of the massive economic damage, the coronavirus pandemic now is casting doubt over the pending merger between PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler (FCA), financial sources told AFP.

EU finance ministers split on coronavirus rescue plan

EU finance ministers failed to agree on crisis measures to help European countries withstand the economic shock of the coronavirus outbreak Tuesday, leaving it to leaders to break the logjam at a summit this week.

Q&A: ERP isn’t one size fits, what should businesses do? Special

Implementing an ERP system is a complex process, with many requiring customization to address specific user needs. These customizations end up requiring a high level of tech expertise to use, causing complications as Colin Dawes of Syntax explains.

How small businesses are making big changes in the face of crisis

COVID-19 is changing working life. One area of impact is with small businesses and entrepreneurs. We highlight how businesses and start-ups across the U.S. are adapting and innovating amongst the new regulations and ever-changing circumstances.

Congress on brink of $2 trillion rescue for virus-hit US economy

US lawmakers worked deep into Tuesday night trying to seal a deal that buttresses the teetering economy by giving roughly $2 trillion to hospitals, businesses and ordinary Americans buckling under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic.

Business advice: Fighting misinformation about COVID-19 Special

The spread of misinformation about COVID-19 is creating greater angst than the virus itself. Businesses need to be careful about checking facts before making decisions in relation to the virus pandemic, says Tom Patterson of Unisys.

US economic rescue plan blocked again in Senate, talks continue

Democrats on Monday again blocked a nearly $2 trillion rescue package for the teetering US economy, highlighting a bitter partisan battle over how to best protect struggling Americans and crippled businesses from the ravages of coronavirus.

Q&A: Preparing your SOC teams for coronavirus with automation Special

COVID-19 is presenting new challenges to the security operations center (SOC), and by extension, the business, as organizations struggle to maintain business continuity with a newly remote work force. Matt Eberhart looks at some options for firms.

Tips for managing a growing work-from-home workforce Special

The novel coronavirus has disrupted the world of work. James Carder, Chief Security Officer & Vice President of LogRhythm, sets out some tips for companies and what they must do as the world shifts to a remote workforce.

Australia announces nearly $40 billion in virus relief

Australia on Sunday announced a $38 billion spending plan to limit the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic, as citizens were told to cancel domestic travel plans to slow the virus spread.

Q&A: Three keys to scaling AI in insurance Special

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the newest comers to the insurtech landscape, set to transform the way that traditional insurance has been managed. Two innovators from Vertafore explain what's happening to the sector.

Q&A: Women entrepreneurs and the gender funding gap Special

Many discussions around women in business look at the gender pay gap. However, to achieve equality in pay, and to encourage women entrepreneurs, the process must start with equality in funding, explains Leslie Smith, CEO of Epicenter.

Negotiations lag on $1 trillion stimulus for virus-hit US

US lawmakers urgently negotiating a $1 trillion emergency package to salvage an economy ravaged by the coronavirus missed a Republican-imposed deadline to reach an agreement by the end of Friday.

Virus-hit Air New Zealand offered US$515 mn bailout

Air New Zealand has been offered a NZ$900 million (US$515 million) loan to help the flag carrier survive the coronavirus crisis, the government said Friday.

Coronavirus, low oil dent Putin hopes for economic revival

Russian President Vladimir Putin has insisted the economy can weather the coronavirus pandemic and low oil prices, but the two-pronged crisis is a huge challenge to his promises to reduce poverty and boost growth.

Cricket great Warne's gin distillery shifts to hand sanitiser

Australian cricket great Shane Warne has halted production of gin at a distillery he co-owns to make medical-grade hand sanitiser for hospitals in these "challenging times".

Chatting with Matt Hollis: Owner and founder of Elytus Special

Elytus company owner and founder Matt Hollis chatted with Digital Journal. Elytus has created proprietary software that helps its clients manage all of their waste disposal contracts, recycling efforts, and environmental initiatives

Companies hit pause button as coronavirus infects economy

Layoffs, cutting costs and halting dividends... companies are scrambling to adapt as the coronavirus emergency hits demand and draconian measures taken to contain the illness undercut production and demand.
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