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Solar roofing company GAF Energy and its parent, global roofing manufacturer Standard Industries, say their contractors have deployed “hundreds” of installations over the past year, suggesting they may be outpacing larger rival Tesla.

Mexico confirms economy shrank in Q1, in blow to 'AMLO'

Mexico's economy contracted by 0.2 percent in the first quarter of the year, revised government data confirmed Friday, a rough start for new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

ECB debates switching course before change of helmsman

Politics will have an unusually large role in picking a new chief for the European Central Bank this year, as the switchover coincides with European Parliament elections and the choice of a new Commission.

Oil plunges five percent over US-China trade war, stockpile surge

Wall Street is finally coming to grips with the idea that the US-China trade war is going to get much worse before it gets better. The DOW fell nearly 300 points today, dragging oil prices down five percent, while China-sensitive stocks took a tumble. completes $1.5 million seed round, which is a machine learning and predictive AI provider, has announced the close of its $1.5 million seed funding round. The company develops new technologies for the finical services sector, harnessing predictive analytics.

British Steel collapses into insolvency — 25,000 jobs at risk

British Steel, the UK's second-largest steel producer, has collapsed after failing to secure emergency government funding, jeopardizing some 25,000 jobs, Britain’s Official Receiver said on Wednesday.

Q&A: Travel startup paves way for industry consolidation Special

Travel startup VacationRenter uses an AI platform to consolidate vacation rental listings from the top sites into one place so travelers can save time booking and rest assured they’ve found the best rental. We look into this disruptive technology.

Q&A: Gen Z has zero tolerance when job searching Special

If a company does not have up-to-date human resources technology then it may be losing out on an entire generation of applicants. A new survey finds 54 percent of Gen Z candidates won’t apply if a company’s recruiting methods are outdated

Q&A: How blockchain is disrupting real estate Special

Blockchain is changing the way transactions happen, and one area where the use of digital ledger technology is being taken up is real estate. Jeffrey Berman from Camber Creek provides some insights.

Ford Motors cutting 7,000 white-collar jobs worldwide

Ford is cutting 7,000 white-collar jobs, or about 10 percent of its salaried staff worldwide, as part of a cost-cutting effort it says will save the company about $600 million a year.

Little Caesars first national pizza chain to add meat substitute

Detroit-based Little Caesars — the pizza chain that just brought back its bacon-wrapped pizza and Five Meat Feast pizza, announced Monday it's partnered with Impossible Foods and will test market the Impossible Supreme pizza.

EU firms 'caught in crossfire' of US-China trade war

European firms are "caught in the crossfire" of the US-China trade war and fewer are optimistic about their future in the world's second-largest economy, a business survey showed Monday.

Tips for improving chatbot design and functionality

Chatbots are aiding business to automate services and customers are becoming more familiar using them. However, to derive maximum business efficiency, chatbots can be better designed according to a leading expert.

Op-Ed: Hey Tesla! What exactly IS happening?

Elon Musk may have the mystic ability to jump off the nearest cliff and land in a gold mine on a regular basis, but it’s the business and employees under stress. Markets don’t like it, and the Tesla “living on the edge” image is getting stale.

Op-Ed: Pinterest stocks fall — ‘Elusive profit’ problem fixes?

Pinterest, despite its popularity, is having trouble turning a profit. The latest figures show reduced losses, but the market wasn’t impressed, and devalued the stock by 17 percent after a pretty spectacular 62 percent rise since listing in April.

Canada aims to ratify trade deal after lifting of tariffs

Ottawa plans to proceed "full steam ahead" on ratification of a free trade agreement with the US and Mexico, Canada's foreign affairs minister said Saturday, after the neighbors scrapped reciprocal tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Facebook's privacy issues spell hiring trouble

Given the scandals that have rocked the company in the past year, would you want to work for Facebook? The answer is seemingly 'no', or at least declining as an option among new graduates and experienced professionals, according to a new survey.

1 in 5 professionals will illegally download GoT finale at work

The use of work computers for entertainment services is proving challenging for IT departments. This comes as a survey finds 1 in 5 professionals will illegally download the current season of Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame on their work computers.

Tesla claims it will run out of cash in 10 months and needs cuts

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told his employees that the company will run out of cash in about 10 months unless there are hardcore cost-cutting moves, according to a email to all staff obtained by Reuters and Electrek.

Q&A: Is Apple's cloud service now threatened by Google? Special

Google's new cloud service Anthos is aimed directly at Apple's, signalling a new round of 'cloud war's, according to Todd Matters of RackWare. Google has also premiered its new cloud-reliant video game platform, Stadia.

Trump lifts steel, aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico

President Donald Trump on Friday announced a deal to lift US tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada and Mexico that had created friction between the neighbors and blocked a new North American free trade agreement.

Trump delays decision on auto tariffs for up to six months

President Donald Trump on Friday announced he will delay by six months a decision on imposing steep tariffs on imported autos while the United States pursues talks with key trading partners."Within 180 days...

Q&A: How Dell Technologies beat its sustainability goal Special

At the start of the year Dell Technologies reached their 2020 goal of recovering two billion pounds of used electronics, and the tech company continues to push the sustainability agenda. David Lear, VP of Corporate Sustainability explains more.

Bank of Canada joins Network for Greening the Financial System

The Bank of Canada's latest financial system review report is being released today — and it's expected to be the first ever to explore the threat climate change poses to the country's financial system.

Three key innovations with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the expanding information technology-based society into something new, more firmly based on trust. Three examples of innovative blockchain technology help to illustrate this trend.

Driving power of the crowd in Industry 4.0

Schneider Electric has launched a new service called Exchange, and it is said to be the first cross-industry open crowdsourcing ecosystem dedicated to solving real-world IoT and digital challenges.

Amazon is selling a $7,250 tiny home kit

Amazon is selling a tiny home kit that can be assembled in just 8 hours. The vendor, Allwood, said the structure isn't supposed to serve as a permanent residence, since there's no bathroom or kitchen.

US nears metal tariffs deal with Canada, Mexico: official

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday that Washington was close to resolving its differences with Mexico and Canada over steel and aluminum tariffs that have created friction among the trading partners.

China's arsenal in the trade war against the United States

Beijing's latest retaliation against US tariff hikes -- an increase on $60 billion of US imports from June 1 -- could leave China running low on ammunition in the trade war.

Uber shares plunge further amid global stock market wobbles

Uber suffered another significant drop in its share price, following its low-end IPO launch. The taxi company's performance came amid a global stock market fall, driven by tensions between the U.S. and China over trade.

Stock markets attempt rebound as trade war flares

Stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic staged a fightback Tuesday, paring heavy losses sparked by a raging US-China trade war over the past week.World oil prices bobbed higher on concerns about tensions in the crude-rich Middle East, dealers said....

Amazon's new robots pushing employees toward package deliveries

Robots in Amazon's warehouses are taking on a new role of boxing up orders, which they do faster and more efficiently than humans. However, some employees they replace can take advantage of Amazon's program to start a delivery business.

US-China trade war escalates as Beijing returns fire

The US-China trade war escalated Monday as Beijing announced it would raise painful tariffs on $60 billion in US exports by next month, responding in kind to President Donald Trump's decision last week to hike duties on hundreds of billions of dollars ...

Q&A: Virtual reality is reshaping workplace learning Special

To deliver high performing teams, effective workplace learning is required. One means to do this, exploiting new technology, is to apply immersive media technology for corporate training. The founder of a new company explains more.

Merchants based in China are dominating Amazon is a global marketplace. Given the company's U.S. origins it might be expected that U.S. sellers still dominate in terms of the products on offer. New data, in contrast, shows the dominance of Chinese firms.

Is Uber's IPO the worst-ever in stock market history?

Uber has grown to dominate the ride-hailing business but it's IPO has not been well-received by Wall Street. Uber pitched its shares at the lower end of expectation, but the share price still fell by 8 percent after just one day of trading.

Q&A: Assessing the legal aspects of the digital economy Special

To understand the legal issues surrounding digital transformation initiatives, Digital Journal spoke with a leading legal tech firm about issues of competition, digitalization and productivity for business.

Party City closure of 45 stores unrelated to heliuum shortage

Helium is an essential chemical element used in MRI scanners, rocket fuel tanks, and floating party balloons. It’s also a finite natural resource, and a global shortage has made it harder to sell balloons at Party City, which is now closing 45 stores.

Rihanna teams up with LVMH to launch luxury fashion brand

Pop idol Rihanna said Friday that she will team up with LVMH to launch her own luxury fashion brand in spring, becoming the first black women to head up a house for the French giant.

Q&A: Leveraging predictive analytics to improve the CX Special

Retailers need to focus more on leveraging predictive analytics as so to customize a customer’s journey path and improve their experience. Doing so will increase sales and revenue, according to expert Sean Kendall.

Columbus insurance companies are disrupting the automotive space

Columbus, Ohio insurance companies are disrupting the automotive space. As an example, Nationwide Insurance is partnering with Slice Labs to offer an innovative on-demand, or “pay-as-you-go,” insurance coverage policy for rideshare drivers.
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